Hot! Adventures of a Tattooed Tribal Country Girl #5

After getting settled in my new/old home in Portland, Oregon, I’ve been thinking about my fantastic journeys this fall. First, I have left my little country hobby farmette, heartbreakingly passed on my extended family of eight goats, twenty chickens and two guard dogs, closed my wine bar and relocated back into my 1924 craftsmen-style bungalow in P-town, for, oh, so many reasons.

Last road trip, I was telling you about my musical and tattoo escapades in San Francisco, which was great fun, but the trip home was exciting as well. Driving through southern Oregon is gorgeous, and my man, Jeff, and I stayed overnight in Applegate Valley, at the Applegate River Lodge, which I highly recommend if you are taking a journey that way. It is quite delightful and, if you are into music, this is the place to check out festivals and the like. One of my new fav places, for sure. We wanted to rest and take in some wine tasting and country touring and this is an upcoming wine region to watch. While visiting the spectacular Wooldridge Creek Vineyards, I was excited to run into two beautifully tattooed folk who were willing to share their ink with us.











It was a stunning day, an outstanding drive, with lovely wines to taste. A highlight was the Cowhorn Winery, with a delicious Syrah ’74 and a white Spiral ’36, among others. They are also a biodynamic winery and farm, which I think is and will become more important in agriculture. It is a less intrusive and organic method of farming, a pure process for the earth but also for the flavors of the crops. (











So, back home with preparations (none too soon) for my trip to Milan, Italy. I have traveled there several times to teach and perform my tribal style of bellydance, sponsored by the amazing Cinzia, of Les Soeurs Tribales and Gypsy Caravan Dance Co. International. Needless to say, Italians are gorgeous folk in general, with the addition of the love of good food and good wine, how can I not be ecstatic whenever I venture that way? Add tribal bellydance and tattoos to that equation, and I am surrounded by unbelievable beauty! Cinzia has been getting inked for several years, by the legendary, incomparable Filip Leu, and also by Angelo Colussi.

My dance students for the week were full of energy and love of the Gypsy Caravan tribal dance format, and many were inked, too, so I had moving canvases surrounding me!

On this trip, I had the pleasure of meeting Cinzia’s fellow, Miki Vialetto, the world renowned owner of Milano City Ink and editor of Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy magazines. Miki is a collector of art and motorcycles, and I was awed when I visited his home and viewed his massive and breathtaking collections. To put it mildly, his home is a museum!


Cinzia and I had fantastic food excursions, if you can imagine eating in Italy! However, our minor dilemma is that we are both vegetarian and gluten-free, so no pasta for us! But we did find an amazing restaurant serving real, gluten-free pizza! And let me tell you, we went back twice and each ate pizza both times, among other delights that they offered! Oh yea, my slice of heaven was complete, along with some good vino and delicious cappuccinos, dancing everyday for hours, shooting my new Tribal Technique DVD #9 and a night at the Turkish baths where the matrons scrub and massage you while you steam and soak. Wow, that was Italy!

Luckily, I have to go back in March for more teaching and another DVD shoot. But before that, I am off to Australia for three weeks, to do the same: teach, eat, videotape and dance with my international dance sisters! I am sure to find some lovely ink while there, and will show it to you the next time around.

So, in between the move and the shop closing, I still have had time to play some guitar, do some more dancing and get my new website and blog almost ready to view. Make sure you check it out in another week or so! Meanwhile, many thanks to you for reading my words and many thanks to Baxter and Mary for doing such splendid work here at Tattoo Road Trip and for having me be a part of the family. A peaceful and loving holiday season and a joyous year to come to you all.

—Paulette Rees-Denis (Sign up for Caravan Trails, the monthly newsletter)

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