Hot! Adventures of a Tattooed Tribal Country Girl #6


The months have zoomed by, the road has taken me around the globe and back since we’ve last connected, but I am still here, writing and dancing and having an amazing ride. I am loving the life I have bent and twisted and molded for myself as a creative entrepreneur; isn’t that the way to be, in love with what you do and who you are? Sometimes I am not sure where I will end up, but I go after what I want, with a passion. And on that road I meet folks who do the same, burning up the pathway, like the Hermit, number nine in the tarot deck, who shines a light on the path, but he cannot see very far ahead. That is pretty much the way I am. One can have ideas and goals and desires, then you must let them unfold, often with unexpected delights. Living in the moment and letting life expand as you go can hold such a plethora of journeys. Plans are good, but if you grip too hard, it seems they tend to unravel. Know what I mean? Has that happened to you? Trusting in oneself is a big issue, but truly the way to be, and to live the life you want is not a privilege, but a necessity.

My dance roads have been like that. I know that I love to teach women to dance, to dig down deep in their soul to find their own beauty, to feel great in their bodies, to stand strong and take up space. The power of tribal bellydance is a force of integrity, art, wellness, grace, and beauty, in so many unexpected ways. My calling in life, (and my job!) has opened up the world and the road to me, and I delight in watching, experiencing the vibrancy and the blossoming of the dancers as they develop their artistic visions, their health and strength in their bodies. And so many times that commitment to their unique beauty turns into glorious tattoos. Woo hoo! So, not only do I get to watch dancers evolve, but I get to see many tattooed bodies. Double good.

—Paulette Rees-Denis (


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