Hot! Our “Best of Oregon” Book Features 44 Tattoo Shops!


It is said that Oregonians have more body art per capita than any state in the U.S. With hundreds of tattoo shops of all different skill levels, Bob Baxter (former editor-in-chief of Skin&Ink magazine) and Mary Gardner have carefully vetted and selected forty-four of the very best, interviewed the owners and photographed some of the shop’s finest clients. Spending three months on the road, visiting each location first hand and editing over four thousand images—plus Mary’s famous “Big 10 Questions”—this unbeatable resource, captivating picture book and play-by-play account of their adventures on the road, makes this one-of-a-kind collection an important addition to any tattoo enthusiast’s understanding of the tattoo scene in America’s Pacific Northwest.

P.S. Mary and I will be traveling from one end of Oregon to the other, in order to do live, on-site book-signings for all the artists and fans of the 44 shops featured in the book. The dates have yet to be set, but Mary will be contacting each and every shop as soon as we know.

For a complete list of book-signing dates and locations, click HERE.

To order a book, call Mary Gardner at (503) 896-0835.


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  1. Looking for the best linework in the NW…want a 12″ x 4″ dates in Austrian/Latvian script. Looking for best, not cheap. Have been saving for this.

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