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The winners of the Christmas Eve drawing for the fabulous Krampus tattoo machine from Infinite Irons  are:



What is a KrampusKrampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair.redkrampus2 crop

Each specially-designed Infinite Irons Krampus tattoo machine features the ugly beastie’s image emblazoned on the side, to remind you to be extra nice during the holiday season.

Congratulations and thank you to all those who entered. More contests coming soon.

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December 22nd, 2014 at 5:37 pm

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Win an Infinite Irons Tattoo Machine for the Holidays


Tune in next week for a holiday contest that anyone can enter. Win a fabulous Infinite Irons tattoo machine, hand-crafted just for you (or your favorite tattoo artist) by Joey D. It will be a few days until Joey and his elves are finished building the prize winning machine, but as soon as it’s done, we’ll print the details of the contest. We’ll have more next week, so keep checking back… and be sure to tell your friends.

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December 2nd, 2014 at 12:23 pm

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Patrice Pamphile Wins Tattoo Flash Contest


Flip Leu design tote bag


First Prize: Patrice Pamphile, Murda Ink 3, West Babylon, New York

Second Prize: Capt. Don Leslie, The Great Sideshow in the Sky, Tattoo Heaven

Third Prize: Max Tucker, Natchitoches Tattoo Shop, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Patrice wins a Filip Leu hoodie and assorted clothing from Ama Leu. The late Capt. Don’s flash was entered by an anonymous friend, who will receive the beautiful Horihide book and Max Tucker will receive a collection of cool greeting cards Fromm  Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, everyone who entered and everyone who voted.

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November 29th, 2014 at 9:14 am

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Tattoo Flash Contest Voting Booth


Not a lot of qualified entries (several arrived from folks who can’t draw), but the prizes are terrific, so we’re forging ahead. The voting booth will be open for two weeks (closes on Friday, November 28th). Tell your friends, tell the guy with the funky anchor tattoo that lives in the apartment next door… vote today! Vote once, but vote! It means a lot to these flashers to get your support.


1st Prize / Ama Leu


2nd Prize / Horihide


3rd Prize /












• Derek Dufresne, Fleshworks Tattoo, Victoria, B.C.

• Max Tucker, Natchitoches Tattoo Shop, Natchitoches, Louisiana

• Norberto Lopez, Tattoo Club Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Patrice Pamphile, Murda Ink 3, West Babylon, New York

• Capt. Don Leslie, The Great Sideshow in the Sky, Tattoo Heaven

Note: Click images to enlarge.

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Written by Baxter

November 14th, 2014 at 11:08 am

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Tattoo Flash Contest Deadline Extended!


Flash by Big Josh


What’s with the artists out there! So much talent, but when it comes to exhibiting their flash, it’s like pulling hen’s teeth to get entries for a flash contest. The same thing happened years ago, when I edited Skin&Ink magazine. We promoted the blazes out of a flash contest and, even though we had terrific prizes, only a couple entries trickled in. They were amazing entries, I’ll give you that, but our mailbox was virtually empty. Maybe it’s because artists don’t want to publish their flash and so others can’t steal their ideas. I understand that. But surely there’s an old sample of artistry sitting in a drawer, a piece of art that’s hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Enter that. Or just send in one drawing. Whatever, we have enough for a contest already, but it would be so cool to showcase more examples and publicize the artist’s name and shop (we post all that with the entries). In any case, tell your friends and tell your artists to send their fabulous flash to Prizes include a Flip Leu designed hoodie, a terrific book of Horihide paintings and box of tattoo greeting cards from For full contest rules, click HERE.

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Written by Baxter

November 2nd, 2014 at 9:46 am

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TRT’s Tattoo Flash Contest



First Prize

Every couple of months we post a new tattoo contest with cool prizes… and here’s the current one. The last contest featured Backpieces and the winner Zoey Hunter from Ft. Worth, Taxas) received a Micky Sharpz tattoo machine as first prize. This time it’s a genuine Ama Leu hoodie featuring a one-of-a-kind design by her famous brother, Filip. Also included is a canvas tote bag (featuring a replica of the Filp’s hoodie design) and several T-shirts with various intriguing patterns (some in kid’s sizes).


Second Prize

The follow-up prize is a copy of the 126-page coffee table book from The Netherland’s  LM Publishers, “Horihide—Celebrating the Life and Work of Kazuo Oguri” by Yushi Takei.

This large format volume features introductions in both English and Japanese, plus further intros by Henk “Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher, Doc Forest and Bill Loika. Add to that, page after page of photocopies from Horihide’s Tokai Tattoo Club newsletters, containing tons of far-out info about the Japanese tattoo scene and mucho photos that most Westerners have not been privy to. But, let’s face it, the main feature of this big, 9½ by 12½ volume is the 72 full-page reproductions of Horihide’s full-color paintings of mythological Japanese characters. This rare, hard-to-find collection will be the highlight of any tattoo artist’s or collector’s reference library. It’s also an engrossing page-turner of rare, hard-to-find information. A must-have book, if there ever was one.

Third prize is a box of 40 fabulous greeting cards from Mr. P at Our favorite!

MRP cards

Third Prize


1.Enter jpegs of your TATTOO FLASH. Multiple entries are okay. You can enter a single image or a traditional sheet(s) with multiple images.

2. Send hi-rez images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line.

3. Include the artist’s name, shop name, city, state and phone number with each entry. If you are a collector or illustrator entering the flash, include your contact information, too.

4. Entries close Friday, November 14th, 2014.

5. Voting Booth is open Tuesday, November 18th.

Scans10172014_0001 Scans10172014_0002 Scans10172014_0003

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Written by Baxter

October 15th, 2014 at 4:58 pm

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Ft. Worth’s Zoey Hunter Wins Backpiece Contest Voting!


Zoey Hunter

Zoey Hunter Backpiece


Paul Nolin Backpiece

With an enormous surge of votes in the last couple of days, Heart & Soul Tattoo‘s Zoey Hunter (Ft. Worth, Texas) pulls off the win and is awarded a  Micky Sharpz “Hornet” tattoo machine. Paul Nolin from Physical Graffiti (Linden, New Jersey) was second and nabs our latest, 300-page, 7½-pound coffee table book,  “Tattoo Road Trip—The Best of the Southwest”. Patrice Pamphile from Murda Ink 3 (West Babylon, New York) was close behind and will get a copy of Fip Buchanan’s fabulous “Drawing and Designing Tattoo Art.”

Many thanks to those who entered and especially those who voted from all over the U.S., Canada and beyond. The quality of the entries was phenomenal and goes to show that tattoo art keeps getting better all the time.

The winners can be found by clicking their shop names in blue, which will take you to their contact information. By the way, it was encouraging to see that all twenty finalists are members of our Tattoo Shop Directory!

To see all the finalists’ backpieces, click HERE.

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September 13th, 2014 at 8:59 am

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Tattoo Backpiece Finalists and Voting Booth



First Prize—the “Hornet”

To me, this is the best kind of tattoo contest, because it involves the most formidable canvas a tattoo artist can work on, a client’s back. All that fabulous skin on which to create. Here’s where a tattoo artist (and their client) really gets to show their worth: The artist, because there is an incredible amount of artistry, planning, design and concentration involved in melting together session after session into a complete, unified work of art; the client, because it hurts like a mofo and sometimes takes years to finish. You don’t just whip off one of these babies in a single session, like they do on TV. I can’t tell you how many big, strong men have quit their backpieces after only a couple sittings… because they just couldn’t take the intensity. There you are, face down on the table, being tortured for hour after hour; it’s a super-human achievement for both people involved. A tribute to the art form. All that said, let’s celebrate by voting for your favorite

The winner gets a Micky Sharpz “Hornet” tattoo machine, second place get’s a copy of our latest, 300-page, 7½-pound coffee table book,  “Tattoo Road Trip—The Best of the Southwest” and third place wins a copy of Fip Buchanan’s fabulous “Drawing and Designing Tattoo Art.”TattooRdTrip-SW-crop

P.S. I’ve sized the images, so, when you click on them,  the entire tattoo and detail are easier to see.


Miss Heidi, Miss Heidi’s Tattoo, Orlando, Florida

Larry Brogan, Tattoo City, Lockport, Illinois

Joe Lesheski, Beneath the Skin Tattoo, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Zoey Hunter, Heart & Soul Tattoo, Ft. Worth, TexasFip-Buchanan-Book1

Krisi Konvict, Kline Family Ink, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Jason Lee, NewAge Tattoos, Springfield, Illinois

Eric Cain, Flatland Tattoo, Champaign, Illinos

Ryan “Boomer” Boomhower, Boomer Tattoo, Camas, Washington

Rob Sweet, Ascending Koi Tattoo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jeff Covell, Twisted Image, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Thor Hernandez, Physical Graffiti, Linden, New Jersey

Adriano Marquez, Supernova Tattoo, Astoria, New York

Steven James, Mata Mata Tattoo, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Eddie Molina, Hand of Fate, Ithaca, New York

Tito Velez, Euphoria Ink Tattoo Studio, Roselle, New Jersey

Adam Rose, Fallen Owl Tattoo, Lakewood, Colorado

Javier Acero, Tattoo & Company, Miami, Florida

Danny Gordey, Ink Machine, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Paul Nolin, Physical Graffiti, Linden, New Jersey

Patrice Pamphile, Murda Ink 3, West Babylon, New York 


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September 1st, 2014 at 8:23 am

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Tattoo Road Trip Tattoo Backpiece Contest


This tattoo contest is for Tattoo Backpieces. You know, those major, multi-session body art beauties that stay hidden under shirts, jackets, blouses and overcoats, but no one ever sees (except after a few beers or at the beach). Here’s your chance to show off your fabulous handiwork. We collect the entries, post the finalists (along with a Voting Booth) and let the readers choose which one they like the best. Got it? Good. So, what are you waiting for? Enter today!

The first prize is an authentic Micky Sharpz “Hornet” tattoo machine. The second prize is a copy of “Tattoo Road Trip—The Best of the Southwest.” Third prize is Fip Buchanan’s “Drawing and Designing Tattoo Art.”


Thirty hand-picked tattoo shops and the work of over one hundred artists are included in this book showcasing the blossoming body art communities in New Mexico and Arizona. Displayed are over 600 color photos of tattoo artistry. Trendsetting artists create a wide range of tattoo art in motifs as diverse as the men and women who receive and appreciate them. The artwork ranges from the small to the large. Classic black and white artistry and modern full color work are featured. Themes captured include natural scenes, animals and birds, flowers, nautical scenes and symbols, Oriental motifs from dragons to geishas, portraits of loved ones, religious art, Day of the Dead motifs, occult symbology, and much more. The artists and their shops are also featured. For anyone with an appreciation of tattoo artistry, this book is for you.


Fip Buchanan BookFip Buchanan’s 128-page, $26.99 (cool pricing!) Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art won’t teach you how to operate a tattoo machine, but it will show you, step-by-step, a rewarding, well-organized method, if you do. From choosing the proper graphic tools, to consulting with the client and proper placement of the design, Buchanan shares with the reader the valuable insights and tricks of the trade that has made him one of America’s leading tattoo artists and teachers. With over thirty years hands-on experience as owner of several tattoo shops (including Avalon I & II in San Diego, California), certified blood borne pathogen instructor, international seminar leader (from San Francisco to Beijing), this graduate of the Pittsburgh Art Institute takes you through the “secrets” that made him a leader in everything from skateboard and T-shirt design to gallery-worthy acrylics and murals. Hey, he even worked alongside the legendary Don Ed Hardy, at Ed’s Tattoo City for three years… not to mention being featured in one of our very own coffee table books, Tattoo Road Trip—Southern California. There’s a lot to learn from Fip’s down-to-business commentaries and profusely illustrated gallery of finished designs (from Fip and several other world-class tattooists) to inspire even the most jaded and road-weary skin art professional.



The “Hornet”

1. Enter your best photo(s) of a tattoo backpiece that you did or was done unto you. Multiple entries are okay.

2. Send hi-rez  images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line.

3. Include the artist’s name, shop name, city, state and phone number with each entry. If you are the collector entering the photos, include your contact information, too.

4. Entries close Friday, August 29th, 2014.

5. Voting Booth is open Monday September 1st.

Note: The winner of the tattoo machine must be a bona fide tattoo artist working at a legitimate, professional tattoo shop.

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August 12th, 2014 at 10:24 am

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Jeff Covell is the “Tattoo Cover-up Contest” Winner!


The Tattoo Cover-up Contest generated the most votes of any contest we have hosted in the last three years. Wow! And the winner is Jeff Covell, Twisted Image Tattoo, Port Saint Lucie, Florida (41% of the votes). A close second was Wayne Parker, Skin Tight Tattoo, Batavia, Ohio (37%), and third was veteran TRT contestant Rob Rodriguez, Murda Ink III, West Babylon, New York. A Micky Sharpz machine is on the way to Jeff, a cool “Death Before Decaf” hoodie for Wayne and a “Death Before Decaf” T for Rob. Below are some photos of Jeff’s work.

JeffCovellBio3P.S. Just so everyone knows, the Voting Booth was calibrated to accept only one vote per person. If someone receives a lot of votes (like the top two winners did), it might be because: (1) a lot of people like what they saw and voted for the artwork they felt was best; (2) the winning tattoo artists and their shops have an organized fan base and, once the contest started, these fans were alerted and responded accordingly; (3) masked gangsters with black turtle-neck sweaters and funny accents broke into the Poll Daddy headquarters and manually manipulated the voting machines; (4) or some fifteen-year-old hacker got the winners to promise him or her a free tattoo when they turn eighteen.  As for people who bitch and moan about the voting process, I suggest you redirect your negative energy to some of the decisions the Supreme Court has been making lately, or the fact the polar bears have way fewer icebergs to climb on anymore or, even more important, the Keystone project might be approved and run an enormous 2,000-mile-plus Canada-to-Texas pipeline full of crude oil through your neighbor’s backyard. None of that diminishes Jeff Covell’s win and the thrill we get when talented artists like Jeff and Wayne and Larry and Rob  enter our contests and care enough to introduce their fans to our Tattoo Road Trip website.

Note: Click images to enlarge.

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June 28th, 2014 at 9:29 am

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