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Jason Brown’s Tattooed Prosthetic Leg Update

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This is a follow-up to Jason Brown’s first letter of May 11th.

Jason being tattooed by Lyle Tuttle


The new prosthetic leg hasn’t been made yet. Tattoo artists that have bought machines, so far, to help me get the new leg are Bowery Stan Moscowitz, Troy De La Rosa, Ben Euse, Sam Matkin, Dano Collins (he donated a machine that Michelle Hall bought), Larry Maldanado, Jesse Nesse, Mike Martin, Ben Ridgeway, Webb Rivard, Jimbo Lebouef and Joe Peterman (two non tattooers bought machines), a good friend of mine Thom Truitt and Crazy Philadelphia Eddie’s ghostwriter Eric Foemmel, both of whom are closely involved with tattooing. I am sure there will be more to come, and I haven’t quite got the list together of who I am going to have do tattoos for the new prosthetic, but I’m gonna give all the people who did the old one first shot. I’ll send you a more detailed list as I get it. I’m gonna try to document this one, ’cause it’s really special that the tattoo community is coming together to make this happen. The first visit to the prosthetist is on the 23rd of May, so I’ll know more then on the new leg and how we’re gonna manage to tattoo it this time. Thanks for your help in this endeavor.

Best Regards,

Jay Brown

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Written by Baxter

May 14th, 2011 at 11:16 am

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