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Letter from the Tattoo Foot Switch Man—Jeff “Jefe” Arnett

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Hello again.

Jefe here. I have a few pictures from the Lake Havasu Tattoo Show that I just attended. Camera troubles again. Time for a new one. Hope this letter finds you well. I’m working on a new footswitch for the contest. What is the subject of the next contest by the way? The new switch is going to be wood-burned, should be pretty cool. Well, got to get back to work. Busy tax season. You know how it is.

—Jeff “Jefe” Arnett

Birch Avenue Tattoo, Flagstaff, Arizona

P.S. For the answer to Jeff’s contest question, scr0ll down to the Contest announcement and rules.

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Written by Baxter

April 29th, 2012 at 9:10 am

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  1. Hey, guys, the fellow in the first two photos is my new friend Justin Mariani, owner of Human Canvas, in Cody WY. Go check him out. Great guy. Not sure if he let anyone else win a competition all weekend.

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