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As of today, this here Baxter’s Blog has 1,334 posts; everything from how to tattoo to tribal tattoos, tattoo galleries, artist profiles and even tattoo art, dragon tattoos and tatoos (spelled wrong). Many shops use our blog as their tattoo industry bulletin board, letting us know the next tattoo show they are attending and the names of guest artists visiting their shop. We post just about every day. And be sure to subscribe to our Facebook fan page.


Along with the Daily Blog, there is so much more on the Tattoo Road Trip companion website. On the website, there are over a dozen columns, everything from Tips & Tricks (how to tattoo, how to draw, etc.), Tattoo History (“1,001 Tattoo Facts, “Tattoo Treasures” and more), Tattoo Talk (my personal stories about my tattoo travels over the last 20 years) and lots more (simply click on the toolbar for choices). We also have a raft of video interviews with tattoo artists, videos with tattooed rock ‘n’ rollers and a city-by-city Tattoo Shop Directory of shops across the U.S., Canada and beyond; shops and artists  that I have personally checked out for anyone looking for the “best” in town.

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Written by Baxter

May 5th, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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