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Tattoo Road Trip Blackwork Tattoo Contest

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First Prize

Black Tattoo Art—Expressions of the Tribal: Oh boy, another fabulous tattoo edition by Marisa Kakoulas! The enormous amount of work that went into collecting upwards of 600 images and illustrations for this large format, 448 page collection of quality blackwork tattoos is staggering. Finding the artists, coordinating with them to send samples of their work in the proper format, preparing each image for publication, getting everything in on time, designing the pages, writing the text… Like Vince Hemingson says, “It’s like rounding up a herd of cats.” I admire Marisa for her dedication and perseverance and for possessing a level of taste that results, once again, it a collection that is not only extraordinarily beautiful but superb in the quality of art it presents. It’s a lot more difficult to fill pages with world class art than simply posting whatever comes through the door. There is no question, Matthias Reuss and Marisa Kakoulas have created another prodigious volume that any tattoo artist or collector would be a fool not to possess. And you can win it for free (it retails for $200), by entering our newest tattoo contest. Just scroll down and take a gander at the list of artists contributing in this volume. It’s unbelievable. My hat is off to Marisa and Matthias (Edition Reuss) for yet another publishing triumph.


Second Prize

Day of the Dead Tattoo Artwork Collection—Skulls, Catrinas and Culture Of The Dead: Edgar Hoill’s large format, 144-page collection of Día de los Muertos graphics and illustration, besides being a great reference book for any tattoo artist, is just plain fun to leaf through. This hardcover masterpiece features not only the predictable but also countless surprising images that will stick in your memory for a long time to come. Retailing for $125, this wonderful book can also be yours, by entering our contest.


1. Contest is open to professional tattoo artists and collectors.

2. Submit one or more Blackwork tattoos (any design) in large, jpeg format (minimum 400 pixels). For the purposes of this contest, “Blackwork” is defined as any black, all-black, or black & gray tattoo, as long as black is the predominant color. 

3. Email to (please type Blackwork Contest in the Subject Line).

4. Include artist’s name, shop name and contact info. If collector, provide artist’s info plus yours.

5. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, October 12th, midnight.

6. Finalists will be posted on Monday, October 14th. Voting Booth will be open for two weeks and close Saturday, October 26th at midnight. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 28th.

7. First prize: Black Art Tattoo II. Second prize: Day of the Dead Artwork Collection. Additional prizes include Axiom “All in The Family” gift sets, the most comprehensive gift set from Axiom For Men.

BTA2_Nazareno_TubaroBlack Tattoo Art II—Modern Expressions of the Tribal

This, the second incarnation of what has been deemed the “Bible of Blackwork Tattoos,” continues the first volume’s photographic journey across the globe: showcasing the absolute best of tattoos that capture the magic of the ancient art form in exciting contemporary interpretations on the body. Within the 448 pages of this massive tattoo tome, including more than 600 images, readers will explore quite different movements in tattoo art. Everything is possible, everything is allowed: black lines, dots, plains, hand-poked or tattooed by machine. And the creative scope is just unlimited: gorgeous traditional tribals, elaborated patterns and figurative designs, to the point of completely free and unconventionally tattooed layouts.BTA2_Durga_3

The impressive diversity of tattoo designs presented in Black Tattoo Art II is based upon the great roster of international artists: 80 top tattooists from Saint Petersburg to Sao Paolo, Austin to Aotearoa, Barcelona to Brooklyn and beyond. They share their creativity, innovation, and spirit in presenting images of their tattoo and fine art work for this book. The book comprises five tantalizing chapters, preceded by short introductions: Ornamental/Neotribal, Dotwork, Celtic/Nordic, Abstract/Art Brut, and Traditional Revival. Altogether, these tattooed works convey the endless possibilities of art that can be created with needles and black ink only.

BTA2_Rob_DeutTattoo artists represented in this book: Leo Zulueta, László Kis, Christophe Souloumiac, Roxx 2Spirit Tattoo, Daniel DiMattia, Jun Matsui, Nazareno Tubaro, Bong Padilla, Rory Keating, Colin Zumbro, Andreas “Curly” Moore, Rob Deut, Mikel Johnson, Mike the Athens, Christos (Christ) Zacharopoulos, Psychopat, Gerhard Wiesbeck, Hellenic Stixis, Calen Paris, Jacqueline Spoerlé, Chris Higgins, Phil Cummins, Patrick Hüttlinger, Tim Hunt, Jared Leathers, Dmitry Babakhin, Xed LeHead, Corson Hayes, Cory Ferguson, Tomas Tomas, Jondix, Vincent Hocquet, Daniel DiMattia, Nazareno Tubaro, Thomas Hooper, Galdo Marco, Matt Black, Delphine Noiztoy, Damien Voodoo, Amanda Ruby, Tattoo Pink, Nathan Kostechko, Gerhard Wiesbeck, Goldilox, Garcia Leonam, Kenji Alucky, Colin Dale, Kai Uwe Faust, Pat Fish, Dimon Taturin, Marianne Sundby, Eric Sundby, Fiumix, Kari Kjelskau, Raffaella Olomhè Ricci, Tor Ola Svennevig, Zele, Simone Pfaff, Volko Merschky, Noon, idexa stern, Little Swastika, Cammy Stewart, Jef, Cy Wilson, Cy Wilson and Caro, Ran “Ruiner” Maclurkin, Leon Lam tattoo, Loïc aka Xoïl, Yann, Elle Festin, Zel Festin, Tomasi Sulu’ape, Lard Yao Peter, Brent McCown, Durga, Jeremy Lo, Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o.

DOD_Italia-Ruotolo_2Day of the Dead Tattoo Artwork Collection—Skulls, Catrinas and Culture of the Dead

All of the artwork in Day of the Dead Tattoo Artwork Collection–Skulls, Catrinas and Culture of the Dead share a common theme: a lust for life and reverence of death—all explored in engaging paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture. This book represents a veritable compendium of skulls and Catrinas with impressive artistic scope, and a valuable source of inspiration for contemporary tattoo artwork.

Skulls and Catrinas are the most significant attributes of Mexico`s traditional celebration of The Day of the Dead, El Dia de los Muertos. Such pleasures are brilliantly displayed in the artwork featured, in full vibrant color, on the pages of “Day of the Dead Tattoo Artwork Collection.” In this massive hardcover, Edgar Hoill has assembled renowned tattooists from around the world, who uniquely interpret the icons of this sacred day.DOD_Italia-Ruotolo

The Calaveras, literally, “skulls,” are artfully manifested in various forms among the artwork. Images of Catrina, the covert queen of the dead, within this book demonstrate how the artists view death as something to be laughed at and not feared. Also populating these pages are beautiful women with skeletal features transposed over their faces, bringing to mind the joy and suffering of love.

DOD_Mouse_LopezTattoo artists represented in this book: Jacky Rudy, Horiyoshi III, Italia Ruotolo, Chuey Quintanar, Colin Dale, Christin Hock Dolorosa, Dimitri, Paco Arias, Fredi Tut, Greg D., Rask Opticon, Derek Noble, Benjamin Estrada, Pablo Xno, Miguel Morales, Shige, Martin Martinez Castro, Roy Palma, Frank Chavez, Jesse Hernandez, Richie, Chamaco, Manson, Elvia Guadian, Paul Barrientos, Phillip Spearman, Ricardo Mendez, Abraham Ortega, AR Ink Bombers, El Chocky, Rob Struven, Diego Garcia, Gabriel Frias, Tony Boyd, Dr. Lakra, Steve Soto, Robert Atkinson, Mike, Roxi, Osiris, Stef De Bad, Dermafilia familia, Dan Chase, Indio Reyes, Chia, Krazy K, Tatu Baby, Khan, Javier Pina, Colin Dale, David Dettleoff, Jonathan Fernandez, Edgar Alvarez, Rich Martinez, Elvia Guadian, Paco Arias, Chuy Ortega, Electroshock, Pablo Ash, Kiki Platas, Liber Riot, El Chanok, Genziana, Jason Wheeler, Claire Octopus, Chamaco, Tony Mancia, Joe Romero, Ben Corn, Rojo, Paola Maria, Brian Everett, Vampiro, Juan Metal, El Chocky, Manuel Lorenzana, Paul Nguyen, Gator, Steph D., Rob Hill, Grim, El Buster, Manuel Valenzuela, Tracey, Tuich, Juan Arreguin, Kasuyoshi, Fide, Simone Pfaff, Justin Hendrick, Henri B., Yushi Takei, Homero Reyes, Jorge Issac Trujeque Gutierrez, Peque, Horikazu, Ricardo Mendez, Eric San, Federico Ruiz, Nervio, Colin Dale, Pedro Alvarez, Heidi Scheck, Mouse Lopez, Hector, Dermafilia familia, El Will, Nelson Acido Garcia, Morof, Tuer, Italia Ruotolo, Roxi Tattoo, Alex ‘Kofuu’ Reinke Horikitsune, Ina Trece, Sodapop, Karrona, Catalyst Butcher, Mike Sirot, Tofino Tattoo, Gajin Fujita, Steve Martin, Chino De Tepito, Will Contreras, Chuy Espinoza, El Whyner, Antonio Mejia, Listo Tj, Shane Tyner, Defer, Christina Ramos, Robert Cervantes, Shane Modica, Miguel Morales, Charlie Machete, Pedro Alvarez, El Sukre, Ching, Ocelotzin, Tony Chakal Serrano, Dawn Silva, JJ., Rudy Chee, Lorena Vuyovich, Carlos Macias, Chino De Tepito, Nelson Acido Garcia, Pedro Alvarez, Naualli Russo, Tatu Baby, Andres Juarez, Javier Hurtado, Tony Salgado, Horitaka, Aaron Hernandez, Melissa Reyes.

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