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Tim Pangburn Tapes “America’s Worst Tattoos” and Joins the Directory

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Tim Pangburn and his crew just added their shop, Art Machine Productions, to our Tattoo Shop Directory, and, as with any new addition, we are featuring the work of the artists, Ben Harris, Dave Cheplivouza, Evan Lovett, Joey Knuckles, Kristel Oreto and, of course, Tim, who just videotaped a segment of “America’s Worst Tattoos” for TLC. The concept of the show, by the way, actually sounds interesting. Someone with a technically lousy or ill-advised tattoo tells their story, shows the terrible tattoo they received and the guest artist (in this case, Tim) fixes it. Sounds a shade better than the show where the big drama is Kat Von D threatening to come to work without makeup. So… here’s the photos.

As usual, click the photos once to expand and once again to enlarge.

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Written by Baxter

June 23rd, 2012 at 3:55 pm

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