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Maya Kurita wanted to be on the cover of our tattoo magazine, so she high-tailed it all the way from Seattle, Washington to Hood River, Oregon on her high-powered café racer. Almost four hours on the road in order to meet up for our photo session. Surprise, surprise! No more print magazine, so, instead, here’s something even better. Meet Maya Kurita, who becomes our historic, beautiful, first-ever Contact Girl of the Month!


  1. Hey, Bob. u will be driving rt by us hopefully u will stop by & see all of capt.dons stuff & our shop!! thanx 4 the 101 vote means a lot!!!!

  2. Curious on Tattooed Road Trips thoughts to Tattoo Magazines using non-tattooed models and photoshopping tattoos for covers?

    • It’s all about integrity, I guess. Perhaps it’s the case of hiring non-tattooed people to design and produce certain tattoo magazines. The art directors want to do the best possible job, so they “create” images by adding tattoos to non-tattooed bodies… and Photoshopping the result to get the most aesthetic result.I understand their motive, but it is, after all, a tattoo magazine and ought to have enough trust in the art form to print real images on real people in real time. My publishers always let me call the shots, except when a distributor complained that a cover-shot was “too sexy.” That only happened once and it was a cover design of a little tattooed Scottish girl drawn by Tyson McAdoo. An illustration! Crazy, but the 7-Eleven stores in the Midwest demanded we substitute a a more “acceptable” image. I must say that there were many times I wanted to publish a cover photos of an attractive guy or gal, but their tattoos weren’t so hot, so we had to use someone else. Each new issue brought new challenges and limitations that we had to overcome.

      Bob Baxter

  3. Frank Morgan AKA Captain Morgan

    Bob site is awesome I just got done talking to you on the phone, so i jumped on to see the site I like it we will be doing more contact from the great state of Maine!

  4. Well got the Elvis article to ya in advance of his b-day but it still is the month of his birth so maybe it will make it on the site…


    matty J

  5. Wow. Thanks for the call the other day. Great talking to you. Love the website and the listing that you did for us in the Modesto, California section. I have been a longtime reader of yours, and I really like the blog section. I dropped you an email with a Blog topic I wrote. I hope you like it. Again, thanks for everything. If you are ever in town, give us a call and we will treat you to dinner and some drinks.

  6. I wonder if you could direct me to a good repair shop for a 3M 4500 AGA Thermofax machine. I’m cleaning up one she picked up that looked like something melted in it. After getting it all set to go with a new belt in it, it seemed to work ok although I wasn’t getting very good stensils. On about the 3rd try it didn’t feed the sheets in and before I knew what was going on it melted the belt.

    I’ve cycled the switches several times with the lid up, and the motor runs each time. There also seems to be plenty of tension on the belt, although I didn’t have a belt attached at the time. Either the belt slips on the roller or the motor intermittently doesn’t run.

    Have you heard of this kind of problem? I’d appreciate any help you could give.


  7. Bob, just a quick head’s up from Epic Ink here in Medford, OR. If you could, please add Korynn Patay as an artist for our shop. She is my daughter and has been with our staff for 4 years! Thank you, Mark

  8. Hi, Baxter!

    I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you do! It’s awesome! Also, if you are ever in North Carolina, you should stop by a little place called Anything’s Possible in Mooresville (about 30 minutes north of Charlotte). For the past ten years now, Mark Evans has been tattooing there. He’s the best tattoo artist no one knows about. I would LOVE for your subscribers to learn about him and everything he has done for the culture. :) Let me know if I can provide any more info for you! Have a great day!

  9. Hey, boss. I think a “best finger tattoo” contest would be fun. You know…like the tear drops and the cigarette and moustache, etc. Waddaya think?

  10. I don’t know if there is anyone out there willing to help me but here it goes.
    I’m a 61-year-old female breast-cancer patient, large build, who has had bilateral surgery and would like to get a tattoo to cover my scar on the right side. That’s where I run into a problem. My income is only $694 a month, so I would never be able to cover the cost of a tattoo that size. Is there anyone out there who would consider taking this on free of charge? I do understand that this is alot to ask but my feelings are that it never hurts to ask.Thanks for your consideration.


  12. Hey, I am Jouala. I live in East Africa, in country called Rwanda and in our country the industry of tattoing is still down and i just need advices, here is my facebook account (fikejouala kalinganire)

  13. Hello, Bob:

    That is really a SUPER website ;-) I really like this website. Just a pity that it is not in different languages ​​;-(.

    Greetings from Mönchengladbach / Germany

  14. Hi, please send me the prices for ads, thanks

  15. HI, Just wondering how we get on your list of shops? I see only Spider Monkey is listed. Looking forward to the One Nation Under Ink Olympia Tattoo Convention coming up soon.. See you there maybe?!? Thanks!

  16. Great site.
    Terrific stories and fabulous history.
    Even better when I know some of the names personally.
    When can we see the remaing top 15 of the “most influemtial”? Even if you just list the names (without the story) would be tremendous. Thanks.
    Best wishes for s fantastic 2013.

  17. Hey, just wondering when the “Best of Oregon” book is coming out?

  18. Hey Bob, I just got your message here at the WOLFS DEN TATTOO SHOP in Trail, BC. Canada. Thanx for the call. Darrell and I are just talking it over but it is Friday so we will be in touch next week. ttys

  19. Hi, Bob: Zeke Owen here. Been a while. It gets old an life passes by… quickly. I’m looking for a shop to work in. I am looking for a place to tattoo a few little “pieces,” draw designs for some of the artists that get behind, floor man etc. I don’t drink or smoke at all any more. Any ideas etc. are welcome.Thank you Zeke Owen. Be happy to work outside the USA.

    • Zeke: Sarah Vetrano here from NC. Me and my husband Neal have been thinking about you for sometime now, been awhile since we saw you last. Hope you are well. You are always welcome at our place, have an open booth for you always. Anyhow, if you see this shoot me a message to We’d love to hear from you.

  20. Hey there, Tapestry Tattoo family here!! We were just wondering when the books you did for Oregon will be coming out. Chere Hall, owner, hasn’t heard from you in awhile, so maybe when u get the chance you can contact us and let us know what’s going on. I’m sure you’ve been super busy. I’ll try to get ahold of Mary. We were hoping we could have a book signing at the shop. You have Chere’s email but I will leave you mine as well. Please get to us as soon as possible ! Thank you for your time.

  21. Hi Baxter, If you could please send me the prices for advertising. I’m possibly interested in a banner ad. Thanks

  22. Hello, why does it take so long to post the list of most influential tattoo people? I am sure that you already know who they are. Even if the actual individual articles are not written, why not put the list up? If you do not have time to write the article why not give someone the name to write the article/do the research for you. I am sure that you are busy but you only posted 4 or 5 in this entire year.
    I am really interested as I have an interest, but I get the feeling that, since it has been months, that you might be hesitant about offending people?

    Best wishes for 2014.

    Thank you.

  23. I am the granddaughter of Fred thorton of long beach California. My grandpa passed away before I was born and I have always wanted to know more about his career and the time he spent tattooing on the pike with caption jack

  24. Hi Bob, can you send me your ad rates please. Thanks

  25. Hi,

    I read your articles about running shops, pricing, everything in detail. My husband is having some of the issues working at the shop he works at with price gouging by the owner and taking the clients because she will undercut him after she has talked to the client. He is losing work because of this. The owner is good but has no desire to make money, she just wants to break even. She charges small amounts but gets to keep it all and, of course, as you know, the other artists have to give a cut to the shop (of which he has no problem with) I guess my question is, can you talk to him? I know you are a very busy man and have a lot going on, but he is so torn on how to handle this situation and doesn’t want to lower his prices for the work he does, but is about to the point of doing it because he isn’t getting clients much anymore, ONLY because of price. You can find him on FB wheelyum dee. If you can give some advice to him via an inbox Facebook message or through my email, I would so greatly appreciate it. He loves to tattoo and is getting very frustrated with the shop situation but doesn’t want to leave the shop, but find a way to make a compromise or how to deal with talking to the owner about not undercutting after he has already talked to someone and gave them a price. They were friends and worked at a shop prior to her opening this one and doesn’t want to cause issues. Thank you for your time.

    Marlys Boyd

  26. Hi, Baxter. I’m from KC, MO & had bi-lateral mastectomy & Really need to know of tattoo artist here you would recommend for this undertaking. Please respond ASAP as want done very soon as just got implants June 3,2014 & been enuff time to tat up my scars.I Luved the full front “lace” top tat.

  27. Hey guys…I hope you enjoyed “Ink Zombies” as mush as I did writing it. I am feeling better these days and will begin writing more frequently. I’m really interested to see the responses we get from this one, It’s a new business, the tattoo trade, these days. Love you guys….talk soon BEWARE OF INK ZOMBIES!!!!! (Great graphics btw)

  28. Hey, you do know that there is a whole county in Delaware above Dover right? You have a very few select shops listed and they are all in the lower 2 counties. You completely left out New Castle County which is not only the largest of the 3, but the most populated and only 20-30 mins south of Philadelphia, PA. Please travel a little farther north and list all the great shops located in this part of Delaware.

  29. Hello Baxter…I just read a post of yours talking about the great Zeke Owens, and I wanted to send a message to him. I knew Zeke from many, many years ago back when he worked @ Big Joes shop in New York, and he tattooed me back then.
    I did a search on him and came across the article you wrote about him having Alzheimer’s, which greatly saddened me. So I do not even know if he will remember me being so long ago, but I think he just might. My name is Dee and I got engaged to Billy {Magilla} another tattoo artist apprentice at the shop. This was back in 1976 or so….but I seen Zeke outside a benefit years later here in Ca. and he called out to me, but I was very upset at the time and crying so I did not stop to talk….which I regret deeply. Anyway, if you get a message to him, you have my e mail address, please let me know and thank you!

  30. Hello my name is Ivy and I have owned a Custom studio in St.Pete Fl for 11 years .My Studio is Dragonz Eye tattoo and piercing studio. Please check us out Thanks

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