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If you are a tattoo artist or have a tattoo artist on your Christmas gift list, you can enter our drawing for a fabulous Infinite Irons hand-made, custom-designed $425 tattoo machine from Joey Desormeaux. And not just any hand-made, custom-designed tattoo machine. You can win a hand-made, custom-designed Krampus shader or a Krampus liner!



Each specially-designed Infinite Irons Krampus tattoo machine features the ugly beastie’s image emblazoned on the side, to remind you to be extra nice during the holiday season. As you might guess, the prizes will only be awarded to legitimate tattoo artists, so one of Joey’s amazingly beautiful irons doesn’t end up in the hands of a poser or, worse yet, a nasty scratcher!


The two winners will be decided by a drawing which will be done on Christmas eve. The top two entries will be plucked from a fish bowl at the stroke of midnight. Each of the two winners will receive an Infinite Irons Krampus machine, a liner for one and a shader for the other.

1. Fill out and send a postcard like the sample (on the right). No digital or email entries accepted… but a piece of white paper in a plain white envelope is O.K.

2. Two prize tattoo machines (one per winner) will be awarded.

3. Deadline for entries is Christmas eve, 2014



This tattoo contest is for Tattoo Backpieces. You know, those major, multi-session body art beauties that stay hidden under shirts, jackets, blouses and overcoats, but no one ever sees (except after a few beers or at the beach). Here’s your chance to show off your fabulous handiwork. We collect the entries, post the finalists (along with a Voting Booth) and let the readers vote on which one they like the best. Got it? Good. So enter today!

Click HERE for finalists. The CONTEST voting is over (September 12th). To see the winner, click HERE.



This contest is for faded, badly done, amateurish or just plain terrible tattoos that have been fixed, changed, covered-over, improved or whatever. In order to see the difference (improvement?), we will need a photo of the tattoo before the work was done and a second photo taken after the work was done.

The first prize is an authentic Micky Sharpz tattoo machine.

You can enter more than once, but you must be a professional tattoo artist to receive the tattoo machine prize. Additional cool prizes will be named later and awarded to the second- and third-place vote-getters.


1. Enter your best BEFORE and AFTER cover-up photos of the tattoo that was covered-up. Multiple entries are okay.

2. Send hi-rez  images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line.

3. Include the artist’s name, shop name, city, state and phone number with each entry. If you are the collector entering the photos, include your contact information, too.

4. Entries closed Friday, June 13th, 2014.

5. Voting Booth is open. It closes Friday, June 27th. Click HERE to vote.




9780764346675TATTOO ROAD TRIP—THE BEST OF THE SOUTHWEST (Arizona and New Mexico)

By Bob Baxter and Mary Gardner

Thirty hand-picked tattoo shops and the work of over one hundred artists are included in this book showcasing the blossoming body art communities in New Mexico and Arizona. Displayed are over 600 color photos of tattoo artistry. Trendsetting artists create a wide range of tattoo art in motifs as diverse as the men and women who receive and appreciate them. The artwork ranges from the small to the large. Classic black and white artistry and modern full color work are featured. Themes captured include natural scenes, animals and birds, flowers, nautical scenes and symbols, Oriental motifs from dragons to geishas, portraits of loved ones, religious art, Day of the Dead motifs, occult symbology, and much more. The artists and their shops are also featured. For anyone with an appreciation of tattoo artistry, this book is for you.

Available May 2014 |  Size: 12″ x 12″ | 612 color photos | 304 pp | Binding: hard cover


1. Enter your original Color Tattoo, any subject, any size, any color. Multiple entries are okay.

2. Contest is open to the artists who did the tattoo or the collector who wears it (even if they are already featured in one of the Tattoo Road Trip books).

3. Send hi-rez  JPEG images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line or send to: Tattoo Road Trip, Box 69, 2149 Cascade, Suite 106-A, Hood River, OR  97031.

4. Include artist name, shop name, city, state and phone number of the artist who did the work.

4. Entries close Friday, April 18th.

5. The Voting Booth will open on Monday, April 21st, 2014 and remain open for two weeks and close on Friday, May 2nd. (At this time all the artwork will be posted, along with the artist and shop names.)

• First Prize: Autographed copy of “Tattoo Road Trip—”The Best of the Southwest”

• Second Prize: Autographed copy of “Tattoo Road Trip—”The Best of Oregon”

Click HERE to view finalists and voting booth!



Welcome to our monthly contest for a chance to win a booth at the May 16th-18th Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. This contest is open to Tattoo Road Trip Directory members only.

Note: To ensure the quality of the participants, this contest is open only to shops and artists who we have vetted and are members of our Tattoo Shop DirectoryIf you are not currently a member and would like to apply, please click HERE and fill out the application form.Alberta-Bound-Tattoo-Arts-Festival-2014


1. Enter a Portrait Tattoo, any subject, any size, black-and-gray or color. Multiple entries are okay.

2. Send hi-rez  images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line. If entering by snail mail, send to: Tattoo Road Trip, Box 69, 2149 Cascade, Suite 106-A, Hood River, OR  97031.

3. Include artist name, shop name, city, state and phone number (only TRT Directory members, please) with each entry.

4. Entries close Friday, February 21st, 2013.BANNER 3

5. Voting Booth opens Monday, February 24th and closes March, April 7th.

• First Prize: A booth ($600 value) at the Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

• Second Prize: A  copy of  Guy Aitchison’s hardcover book “Organica.”

• Third Prize: Greeting card collection (40 cards, all different) from



Our new contest is all about Old School Traditional-style Flash. You know, the kind Sailor Jerry Collins, Bert Grimm and all those fabulous, historic artists of yesteryear created. They can be done like back in the ’50s or updated with a modern-day twist, just as long as they are basically old school traditional. Here are three flash sheet examples:

Banner crop











1. Enter your original Old School Traditional Flash, any subject, any size, any color. Multiple entries are okay.

2. Send hi-rez  images to Type “Tattoo Contest” in the subject line. If entering flash sheet, make copy (don’t send original artwork) and send to: Tattoo Road Trip, Box 69, 2149 Cascade, Suite 106-A, Hood River, OR  97031.

3. Include artist name, shop name, city, state and phone number.

4. Entries close Friday, December 27th, 2013.

5. The Voting Booth will open on Monday, December 30th, 2013 and remain open for two weeks. (At this time all the artwork will be posted, along with the artist and shop names.)

6. The Voting Booth will remain open for two weeks and close on Friday, January 10th.

• First Prize: Custom, hand-tooled leather tattoo portfolio from Waste of Talent.

• Second Prize: World-famous Micky Sharpz “Hybrid” tattoo machine.

• Third Prize: “Mommy’s New Tattoo—A Bedtime Story for People” by Levi Greenacres.

Click HERE to Vote!





1. Contest is open to professional tattoo artists and collectors.

2. Submit one or more Blackwork tattoos (any design) in large, jpeg format (minimum 400 pixels). For the purposes of this contest, “Blackwork” is defined as any black, all-black, or black & gray tattoo, as long as black is the predominant color. 

3. Email to (please type Blackwork Contest in the Subject Line).

4. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, September 28th, midnight.

5. Finalists will be posted on Monday, September 30th. Voting Booth will be open for two weeks and close Saturday, October 13th. midnight.

6. First prize: Black Art Tattoo II. Second prize: Day of the Dead Artwork Collection. Additional prizes to be announced.

Click HERE for finalist photos and Voting Booth.


Mom Tattoo


Send us your favorite “MOM” tattoo and win: (1st prize) a custom, hand-crafted tattoo machine from Infinite Irons (valued at $500); (2nd prize) $100 cash money; or (3rd and 4th prizes) an autographed copy of Levi Greenacre’s “Mommy’s New Tattoo—A Bedtime Story for People,” from Schiffer Books!


(1) Enter one or more digital photos of a “MOM” tattoo (or “Mother,” “Mum” or whatever) that you did or was done unto you.

(2) Include your name, address, email and phone number. Indicate if you are the artist. First prize, the tattoo machine, will be awarded to the artist who did the tattoo.

(3) Email images to Be sure to type MOM CONTEST on the subject line.

(4) Deadline for entries is Midnight, Sunday April 28th.

(5) Voting Booth and photos, click HERE.


First Prize


At Tattoo Road Trip, when one contest ends, we start another. This one isn’t limited to subject matter, in order to give more artists a chance to show their skills. Click HERE for rules, dates and pix of prizes.

• First PrizeMicky Sharpz ”Hybrid” tattoo machine.

• Second Prize: Four Bob Baxter “Tattoo Road Trip” books from Schiffer: ”Pacific Northwest,” “Southern California,” “Two Weeks in Samoa” and “California Cover Girls.”

• Third Prize: Official Oxygen Network’s “Best Tattoo—Season 2″ Press Kit.

VOTING BEGINS MONDAY, APRIL 1ST. Click HERE for Finalists and the Voting Booth.

Contest Ends on Sunday, April 14th. Go to Baxter’s Blog for results.



Mark Mahoney and his Waste of Talent portfolio


(1) Contest is open to all professional tattoo artists.

(2) Send your best tattoo photos (samples of ones you think deserve to be in a beautiful, custom leather portfolio) to “Contest” at

(3) Include your contact information (name, address, phone and shop name), plus details of the photo (the collector’s name, camera used, artist’s name).

(4) Entries must be received by Sunday, March 3rd, 2013.

(5) Final photos will be posted on the website, along with helpful critiques by our judges.

(6) The winner will be announced and Waste of Talent will create your very own custom, leather portfolio.



We have had several popular tattoo contests during the last couple years: Best Chestpiece, Best Portrait Tattoo and Best Magical Tattoo, among others. The winners got terrific prizes—gigantic Edition Reuss books, Infinite Irons handmade tattoo machines and books fromLast Gasp and Schiffer. We think it’s time for something completely different. How about a Tattoo Limerick Contest!? You know limericks, right? Of course you do. They’re those witty, often blue, five-line rhyming poems that are fun to make up on the spot or pluck down from your memory banks. …more



Entries are closed. Winner is announced. Click HERE.

The winning contest theme was submitted by Jason Schiraldi at Miss Heidi’s Tattoo and Body Piercing, in Orlando, Florida. It was a nip-and-tuck battle, but our readers came through and voted for their favorite. Now, you ask, what the heck is a Spiritual Mask? I’m sure the folks at Miss Heidi’s know, but my guess is that Hanya masks and Inuit masks and other various masks related to spiritual or religious ceremonies are included. As long as it’s a mask in the form of a tattoo, it’s an acceptable entry. Here’s some images to use as reference:

Contest Masks


(1) Spiritual Mask entries must be in the form of a permanent tattoo on skin.

(2) Each digital entry must be submitted in high-resolution jpeg format to

(3) Contestants (the artist who did the tattoo or the collector who wears it) may submit multiple entries.

(4) Only tattoo artists may win a tattoo machine prize.

(5) Entrants must include their name, address and phone. Artists must provide shop name, city and state.

(6) Entries close midnight, Sunday, January 6th.

(7) If there is a sufficient number of entrants, multiple prizes (2nd and 3rd) will be awarded.

(8) Voting begins Monday, January 7th and ends Sunday, January 20th (14 days).

(9) The winning entry (the one with the most reader votes) wins a top-of-the-line, hand-made, hand-engraved tattoo machine from Joey D. at Infinite Irons.

*   *   *   *   *


Here’s the skinny. Every month or so we have a new contest and give away terrific prizes such Infinite Irons and Micky Sharpz tattoo machines, incredible books from Edition Reuss, Last Gasp and Schiffer and lotsa other great stuff. This time, we’re giving away good old-fashioned money. A hundred smackers for about ten seconds of your time. Not a bad paycheck in these dicey economic times. Here’s how it works:

(1) Come up with your very, very best choice for the subject of our next tattoo contest. Entries may include contest subjects that have been used before.

(2) Type the words “Contest Contest” in the subject line and email entry to Only one submission per person, please.

(3) Include entrant’s name, address and phone number. Include tattoo shop name, if applicable.

(4) Entries close midnight, Friday, December 7th, 2012. In the case of duplicate entries, the earliest submission will be named the official entry.

(5) Finalists’ names and their contest theme suggestions will be posted on Monday, December 10th.

(6) Voting Booth will open on Monday, December 10th and close on midnight, Friday, December 21st.

(7) The person who submitted the entry with the most votes will receive a check for $100 (just in time for Christmas).

(8) A new contest with the prize-winning theme will begin on Monday, December 24th. Prizes from Infinite Irons!.

(10) Questions? Email us at


Photo by Lars Krutak from “Magical Tattoos”


Go to for finalists’ photos and official Voting Booth The new contest is here, and it’s all about PORTRAIT TATTOOS (black & gray or color). Fifteen or twenty years ago there were only a few tattoo artists doing lifelike tattoo portraits. The big names were Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, Stéphane Chaudesaigues, Da Wei and a few others. Nowadays, if you don’t do tattoo portraits, you’re out of the mainstream. Many wonderful artists remain focused on traditional, Sailor Jerry-based styles, but after the popularity of Bob TyrrellDeano Cook, Robert Hernandez, Jeff GoguéNikko HurtadoShane O’Neill and so many other gifted artists, today’s portrait tattoos have have fast become the most exciting and sought after images in the world of body art. Here’s the rules for the contest: RULES FOR THE CONTEST (1) Submit one or more high-resolution (300 dpi minimum), digital images to (2) Tattoo artist entrants must include their name, the shop name, complete address and phone number. Collectors may also enter their tattoo(s) and must include both their complete contact information and the artist’s information. (3) Entries begin herewith and end on Friday, November 2nd, 2012. (4)  Finalists will be posted and voting (by the readers) will begin on Monday, November 5th and end on Friday, November 16th, 2012. (5) First prize will be two books (“Horikazu” and “Magical Tattoos and Scarification”). There will also be second and third prizes, to be named later. Go to for full details and prize list.


First Prize

It’s time for our biggest contest yet. Enter your high-rez. jpeg image of your chestpiece tattoo in any style (blackwork, black & gray or color). The readers will vote on their favorite (so alert your Facebookers, friends, clients, complete strangers, etc.) and the top three vote-getters will win fabulous Infinite Irons tattoo machines. The first prize will be a hand-engraved Tattoo Road Trip Special Edition valued at more than $600. Second and third prizes will be popular models from the Infinite Irons catalog (valued at ever $350 each). Plus… each winner receives a copy of Joey Desormeaux’s popular “Tattoo Machines-Set-up, Tuning & Maintenance”! Email entries to Here’s the rules:

1st Prize

(1) Chestpiece entries must be in high-rez jpeg image format.  If an entry isn’t of a certain quality or the image is out-of-focus, too small, technically inferior, obscene, etc., it will not be included in the contest. (2) Multiple entries are accepted. If possible, please send multiple entries as a single zip file, not six entries in six seperate emails. (3) Entrants must be bona fide, professional tattoo artists working in a bona fide tattoo shop. (4) Entries must include the tattoo artist’s name, shop name, address and phone number. (5) Entries may be from the U.S., Canada or anywhere else on the planet. (6) The three entries with greatest number of votes win. (7) Entries close on Friday September 28th, 2012. (8) Voting Booth opens on the Daily Blog on Monday, October 1, 2012. Go to for contest entries, prizes and Voting Booth.



Bernard Clark photo

The contest format is very simple: For the first two weeks, we will accept digital photo entries. We will then select and post our finalists. Then, for the next two weeks, readers will vote for their favorite Road Trip Pinup. The model with the most votes will win a Tattoo Road Trip photo feature and a spot on our yearly virtual calendar. RULES & REGS 1. Entrants must be over eighteen years of age. 2. Only hi-rez digital images are accepted. No cell phone photos. 3. Entries must include the model’s name, contact info… and the name, shop and city of the artist(s) who did the tattoo work. 4. Email hi-rez digital images to Please, no more than six images per entrant per month.





Catfish Carl is famous for hand-crafting a lightweight, small yet powerful tattoo machine called the “Jim Dandy.” Now you can add a “Jim Dandy” to your collection of professional, quality machines by entering Catfish Carl’s “Jim Dandy” Tattoo Contest. Open to tattoo artists and collectors everywhere, the subject of this contest (we have a new one just about every month) is SMALL COLOR TATTOO. In other words, it can be practically anything, anywhere on anyone’s body. Just one thing: The first prize of a Catfish Carl “Jim Dandy” tattoo machine will only be awarded to to bona fide tattoo artist working in a legitimate shop. So, if you’re the artist, you get the prize. If a customer sends in a photo of an artist’s work and he or she wins, the artist who did the tattoo gets the prize. Okay?

RULES 1. Send one ore more images of a SMALL COLOR TATTOO (hi-rez, jpegs are best) to 2. Entries close Friday, June 29th, 20012. 3. Finalists’ photos will be posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012. 4. Photo captions will be anonymous (each photo will have a number, not a name), so readers will not know who did what tattoo. 5. A panel of judges (including Catfish Carl) will select their favorites and comment on them. 6. The winner will be announced, prizes awarded and comments posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012. JUDGES: Catfish Carl (Realistic Tattoo), Mr. G (Triangle Tattoo & Museum), Cory Ferguson (Good Point Tattoos), Darcy Nutt (Chalice Tattoo) and Matty Jankowski (Tattoo History). Plus a Mystery Judge; someone so famous and wonderful that you’d pee your pants, if you knew who they were. Cool, eh?


The subject of the new contest is Bird Tattoos. Jeff wanted to know, because he is hand-crafting the first prize… one of his famous foot switches. Jeff is at Birch Avenue Tattoosin Flagstaff, if you can’t wait for the contest winner to be announced and want one for yourself (although there is a quite a waiting list, I am told). Anyway, here’s the contest rules:Example of “Jefe” foot switch (1) Send a hi-rez digital image of a tattoo featuring a bird (or birds) to You may send as many images of as many tattoos with birds as you wish.(3) Include the name of the tattoo artist who did the tattoo, including the shop name, address and phone number.(4) The contest entries close on Sunday, May 13th.(5) The best entries will be posted and Road Trip readers will vote to determine the winner.

(6) Although anyone may enter, the first prize (a Jeff “Jefe” Arnett foot switch) will only be sent to a legitimate tattoo artist working at a legitimate tattoo shop.

P.S. Jeff Arnett is preparing a special, one-of-a-kind foot switch prize for the winner. The one pictured at the left is not the actual prize, just an example of his kool creations.

Go to BAXTER’S BLOG (on the toolbar) for photos and Ballot Box.


“MY FAVORITE TATTOO” A CONTEST FOR EVERYONEIn the past, our popular tattoo contests have been voted upon by you, the readers. Here’s something a bit different: this contest will be judged by respected icons of the tattoo world, who will not only vote on but critique the finalists, whose names will not appear with the posted images. That way, it’s more objective and no one is influenced by the names of the artists.


1. This is a contest for “the best” tattoo (any style, any subject). Tattoos will judged on (among other things) the subject matter, how well the tattoo’s theme is rendered, its placement, use of color, mastery of technique and the overall skill of the artist. 2. These “favorite” tattoo(s) may be submitted by the artist who did the work or the collector who wears the tattoo. 3. Multiple entries are okay. 4. The entries will be whittled down to a manageable number of finalists and posted anonymously, for all to see, on Baxter’s Blog. 5. These finalists will be appraised, ranked and critiqued by a panel of judges (the judges will not know the names of the artists who did the tattoos). This ought to be fun and a great opportunity to have the images critiqued by a highly qualified panel of judges who haven’t a clue who did the work. If you want to get an objective appraisal of your tattoos, here’s the chance. 7. The winner will be announced and the finalists’ names and images will be posted. First Prize: Two amazing volumes from Edition Reuess (a total of 796 pages, 685 full-page graphics, with a retail value of $398)! Judges: Bob Tyrrell (Night Gallery, Detroit, Michigan), Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand (Dame of the World), Mehai Bakaty (Fineline Tattoo, New York City) Vyvyn Lazonga (Madame Lazonga Tattoo, Seattle, Washington), Mr. G (Triangle Tattoo & Museum, Ft. Bragg, California), Mary Jane Haake (Dermigraphics, Portland, Oregon), Steve Peace (Immaculate Concept, Calgary, Alberta, Canada), Bernard Clark (Bernard Clark Photography, Kingston, Ontario, Canada). To Enter: Send high-rez, jpeg entries to Include the name and shop name, city and state of the artist who did the tattoo. If submitted by a collector, also provide the artist’s name, shop and city. Entries close midnight, Sunday, January 15th, 2012. Finalists will be posted on Baxter’s Blog, with no names, on Wednesday January 18th, 2012. Winners and judges’ critiques will be posted soon thereafter.

Most Humorous Tattoo Contest

WIN A JIM DANDY TATTOO MACHINEJim Dandy tattoo machines are used the world over by top professional tattoo artists. Made in the same tradition as the masters of the past… Catfish Carl’s Jim Dandy machines are made in America (at Realistic Tattooin Twenty-nine Palms, California, to be exact). Also included in the first-place prize will be a bottle each of Catfish Carl’s hand-blended “Realistic30-60-90 Washes” (dark, medium and lite). Call (520) 954-1672, for info on the washes.To enter, send a high-rez, jpeg image of a HUMOROUS TATTOO to We will be accepting entries until Friday, November 11th. The voting booth opens Monday, November 14th and closes on Friday, November 25th. By the way, since the prize is a tattoo machine, all winners must be bona fide tattoo artists working at legitimate tattoo shops. Please include the name of the tattoo artist, his or her shop name and city with each entry.

Black and Gray Tattoo Portrait Contest

Entries are currently being accepted for Tattoo Road Trip’s Black & Gray Tattoo Portrait Contest. Win a Micky Sharpz ” telephone dial” tattoo machine, courtesy of R.J. and Dottie Musolf, exclusive distributors for Micky Sharpz U.S.A., in Ashville, North Carolina. The contest (because of the prize) is open only to professional tattoo artists working at a legitimate, operating tattoo shop. To enter, send high-rez jpeg images of one or more black-and-gray portrait tattoos (no color, please) to Entries should include the artist’s name, shop name, address and phone number… Entries must be received on or before Saturday, October 1st, 2011. Each qualified entry will be notified, by return email, that it has been received.Voting will begin on Monday, October 3rd and end on Friday, October 14th. All images deemed appropriate to the nature of the contest, will be exhibited on Baxter’s Blog, along with an electronic Voting Booth, which will display the ongoing percentage totals. Only one vote is allowed per voter.

Color Tattoo Art Contest

The prize and the contest have the same name. The prize (a copy of Marisa Kakoulas’ Color Tattoo Artfrom Edition Reuss) is an enormous, you-can-hardly-lift-it , nearly 500-page, 580-image, hardcover collection of full-page, color tattoo art from top tattoo artists the world over, valued at $139 (98,00 Euros). All you have to do is submit a digital photo of a color tattoo that either you did or was done unto you. The final, competing images will be posted on Monday, August 1st, along with a Ballot Box. readers will vote, to determine the winner. Be sure to include your name and the artist’s name and shop with your entry. You may enter more than once. The 2nd- and 3rd-place winners will also receive cool prizes.

Submit high-rez images (1-2 megabytes at 300 pixels) to Entries close Friday, July 22nd. Voting begins on Monday, July 25th and ends on Friday, August 12th. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 15th.

“The Old Days of Tattooing”

Story Contest

How to enter: Simply email usin 500 words or less your story about tattooing in the “old days.”Prizes: The top 4 stories will receive a copy of the 2-disc interview compilation “Last of the Bowery Scab Merchants” by Walter Moskowitz!

Additional info



1st Place – Jess Cherry 2nd Place -Lila Rees 3rd Place – Andrea Revenant We had a poll, so that readers could choose between a Tattoo Backpiece and a Pinup Girl contest. We had a virtual tie (by one vote). Sooooooo… how about adding a second Contest for tattooed women over 18 (pinups) who want to win a free photo session, a photo spread with a top pinup photographer, a Tattoo Road Trip hoodie and other cool stuff? So, if you are a tattooed model, tattooed mom, tattooed cheerleader or a pinup photographer looking to show off your picture-taking skills, don’t delay… send your pinup photos today to! It’s a great way to have bragging rights and publicize yourself, your tattoo artist and the photographer, all at the same time!



1st Place -Kurt Silver 2nd Place -Larry Brogan 3rd Place – Robert Pho Enter a photo of a Tattoo Backpiece (one you wear or one that you did). Entries are open to anyone over 18 years of age, and closes midnight, Friday, April 15th, 2011. Voting will begin on Monday, April 18th. The artist who did the tattoo will win a feature story on the Tattoo Road Trip website and Blog, plus an official Tattoo Road Trip hoodie and a selection of Schiffer tattoo books. Second- and third-place winners receive an official Tattoo Road Trip T-shirt. Type “Backpiece Contest” in the Subject Line, and email high-rez digital images to You may send multiple entries. Please include the artist’s name, shop name, mailing address and phone number. If you are wearing a backpiece that someone else did, include the artist’s info along with your name and contact information. View more contest details and updates on Baxter’s Blog.