Hot! Senegal Women Get Beautiful Tattooed Gums

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Women (and men) do the craziest things to look more fetching to the opposite sex. Bustles, corsets, shaved legs, false eyelashes, lipstick, you name it. And that’s just the guys! Seriously, women from certain indigenous tribes in Africa widen their hips to make them more appealing candidates for child bearing. Don’t snicker. Today, young women and men around the world get tattooed to be more alluring to the opposite sex. A young diva wouldn’t want to be caught on the beach without at least a butterfly dancing around her ankle. Well, here’s one I’ve not heard of before: getting your gums tattooed. A lover’s name or expletive inked inside the lower lip, I’ve seen that. The Ainu women in Japan had their own version of lip tattoos. But gums? That’s intense. It seems the women in Senegal feel that black gums amplify their beauty by enhancing the contrast with the whiteness of their teeth. Perhaps the attraction isn’t all physical. After all, any woman who is willing to go through that much pain for what they want is someone to be reckoned with.

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