Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob Baxter

COVER crop 8001 226x300 Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob BaxterTATTOO ROAD TRIP—THE BEST OF OREGONIt is said that Oregonians have more body art per capita than any state in the U.S. With hundreds of tattoo shops of all different skill levels, Bob Baxter (former editor-in-chief of Skin&Ink magazine) and Mary Gardner ( have carefully vetted and selected forty-four of the very best, interviewed the owners and photographed some of the shop’s finest clients. Spending three months on the road, visiting each location first hand and editing over four thousand images—plus Mary’s famous “Big 10 Questions”—this unbeatable resource, captivating picture book and play-by-play account of their adventures on the road, makes this one-of-a-kind collection an important addition to any tattoo enthusiast’s understanding of the tattoo scene in America’s Pacific Northwest.

P.S. Baxter and Gardner will be doing onsite book-signings at the Oregon tattoo shops showcased in the book. Stay tuned to the TRT Blog for the latest details, contact or call (503) 896-0835 to order your copy today!

1440042 L2 Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob BaxterTATTOO ROAD TRIP—CALIFORNIA COVER GIRLSBob Baxter presents an amazing collection of over sixty gorgeous cover girl finalists from his first-ever California Cover Girl Contest. Sending entry forms to over 460 tattoo shops from the Oregon border to southernmost San Diego (California), Baxter picked finalists from hundreds of entries. Then, six rigorous days of shooting at photo studios in Pasadena and Santa Rosa. The goal? Find the perfect t over girl, one for the book and one for the September issue of Skin&Ink magazine. Treat yourself to over 180 photographs of the most photogenic and intriguing women in all of tattooing. Unforgettable women wrapped in eye-popping tattoos. See if you can pick the winner. Buy this book
398144431 Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob BaxterTATTOO ROAD TRIP: TWO WEEKS IN SAMOATalofa! Intrepid Editor of, Bob Baxter, and Kingston, Ontario, photographer Bernard Clark hit the trail at the very birthplace of Polynesian tattooing, the island paradise of Samoa. Armed with camera and laptop, Baxter and Clark document their two week odyssey from Apia to Saleapaga, and other cool places tourists get lost trying to find. Tattoo Road Trip—Two Weeks in Samoa captures the unspoiled beauty of turquoise reefs, volcanic beaches, misty green waterfalls, vermilion sunsets and painful tribal tattoos that leave you walking around like you have a brick in your pants.Joining over 60 tattoo artists and tattoo aficionados from Europe, Canada, America and the Pacific, Baxter and Clark visit the 2nd Samoa International Tatau Convention where legendary tattooists from around the globe discover there’s only two showers and almost mutiny. Watch Baxter and Clark get tattooed the traditional way by Hawaii’s greatest artist, Keone Nunes. See the secret coronation ceremony at Faleseéla. Experience white-knuckle surprises as Baxter and Clark take the back roads, eat fruit right off the tree, slog through rain forests, wade into coral-strewn tide pools, buy a complete lobster dinner for the cost of a New York cab ride and learn to tie a lavalavas so it won’t fall off in the parade.Yes, friends, you’re going to be mighty jealous when you see Baxter and Clark, tropical winds blowing through their hair, cold beers in their fists and mosquito bites on their poopies, walk right up to people and say, “Can I take your picture?” Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience their remarkable adventures. Be seduced by beauty, get wafted away by trade winds, laugh with lovely maidens, daydream of peaceful lagoons and go nearly out of your mind on balmy nights as ten ferule roosters crow outside your window every time they see a damn headlight. You’ll never know what to expect when you go on a Tattoo Road Trip. Buy this book
California1 Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob BaxterTATTOO ROAD TRIP—SOUTHERN CALIFORNIATake a guided tour of over thirty of the hottest tattoo shops in Southern California. From Santa Barbara to San Diego, from Victorville to Venice, Skin & Ink Editor in Chief Bob Baxter gets down and dirty with world-class artists Dave Gibson, Jack Rudy, Dottie M., Baba, Greg James, Mark Mahoney, Baby Ray, Tennessee Dave, Joe Vegas, Patty Kelley, the inimitable Bob Roberts and many, many more! Hop aboard and feast your eyes on hundreds of full-color photographs from the best of today’s ink sinkers. Read about your favorite artists. Check out the tattoos. Visit the backrooms and hear the gossip. Yup, it’s true. Tattoo Road Trip. It’s just like being there. Buy this book
tattoo road trip.12719757931 Tattoo Road Trip Books by Bob BaxterTATTOO ROAD TRIP—THE PACIFIC NORTHWESTTravel along behind the scenes with Bob Baxter on his two-week solo journey through the small towns and big cites of America’s Pacific Northwest. From the Oregon-California border, northward to Washington State and over the border to Vancouver, B.C., every day is a new adventure, as Bob meets the exotic women and lusty men who proclaim their individuality from Grants Pass to Seaside, Seattle to Surrey. Meet the living legends of the art Terry Tweed and Dave Shore, Pete Stephens and Don Deaton, John the Dutchman and Vyvyn Lazonga. Talk with the World’s Most-Tattooed Woman, Krystyne Kolorful. Check out the new wave of ink sinkers, from Anchor Tattoo to Electro-Ladylux, Tiger Lily to Lucky Dog. And say a graveside good-bye to Bert Grimm, the man who tattooed Bonnie and Clyde.Armed with only his camera, a laptop computer and a box of energy bars, Bob Baxter sets out to discover the tattoo pulse of the Pacific Northwest. Meet many of the great artists in the mysterious shops and secret backrooms of this, the most exciting art movement since the Renaissance! Buy this book

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