Hot! The Passionate Art of D.C. Carvalho—With Dana Brunson


Carvalho portrait of Dana

As an artist, I believe we all like people and places that inspire us and add to our creative process. A few years ago a fellow tattooist showed me a business card he had designed by a young artist in Brazil. I was impressed by its fresh style (something rare in tattooing) and filed it away in my mind. Later, while on Facebook, someone messaged me and said that some guy I didn’t know was working on a drawing of me. Sure…what’s the catch? In this day of the almighty dollar, nothing’s free. I got the guy’s name and friended him, so I could check out his art. Wow, to my amazement not only was he drawing me, but he had drawn lots of portraits of old timers, along with signs, flash, business cards and just about anything to do with tattooing.

I thought again, What’s the catch? There is no catch. The artist, D.C. Carvalho, is driven by his passion for our history and the classic designs. D.C. lives in Brazil and he doesn’t tattoo, yet he has studied and painted our history more than anyone I know. He is an art machine, working on several paintings at the same time. He has a great style of his own, based on traditional designs, drawing many of these for old-timers at his own expense. Now, that’s respect. I love his style, passion and enthusiasm and am amazed at how he turns out one painting after another and expects nothing for the effort, However, he has a lot of shop signs and flash for sale, for those that are interested. Carvalho uses the money to create more gifts for those he respects. I can’t wait to follow D.C.’s future, as he will be an influence as well as an asset to our business. I’ve seen lots of artists in my day, but am impressed and I think you will be too. Google Don Chuck Carvalho for images and information on this talented artist. It will put a smile on your face.

See ya in the funny papers and keep your hat on so I’ll know ya.

—Dana Brunson (

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