Where To Find The Sexiest Tattooed Girls

Suicide Girls

In 2001, the website Suicide Girls was launched, and since then a sea of alternative, punk and hot women has been posted online to flaunt their true beauty. To date, the site has selected more than 2,700 suicide girls from the 25,000 applications they receive each year. It is not a place that would be considered an adult site, but rather a celebration of the daring to be different. 


Your Instagram feed is a great way to stay up to date with your favorite artists and get ideas for your next tattoo — but there are so many things that you like. Chances are your feed will be filled with fantastic tattoo videos, sketches, designs and anything else that inspires a creative person.

If you just want to look like a pretty girl, there is no better way to kill time. Spice things up with a couple of gorgeous Instagram hotties who share the same passion for ink as you. 

Sexy ideas for women are a fashion trend that doesn’t seem to disappear anytime soon. There are plenty of pretty ladies on Instagram these days, with a few sporting feats and a few with bodies. With so many cool ideas for girls to choose from, choosing the right design that matters to you can be a challenge. 

The History of Tattoos on Women

Women with tattoos were once considered risky, if not downright disgusting. Tattooed girls are no longer taboo, however, and studies suggest that the number of tattooed women now exceeds that of men with ink. With the acceptance of tattoos, a trend has emerged that involves a more positive view of tattooed women. 

Since thousands of years, women have been tattooed by Indians, Maori and other cultures but tattooed women have been part of the Western world for a hundred years. The first tattooed Western women in America appeared in minor shows and variety shows at the end of the 19th century. Most appealing is the text running across a woman’s chest. 

Tattoos have a rich history and are now considered commonplace. It is based on its definition as a form of body modification that uses permanent ink to create or draw designs on skin. It is based on the Polynesian word tatau, which means handicraft. 

Types of Tattoos

Variety is the spice of life and calf and foot tattoos ensure that there are several motifs. The colorful flowers stand out as a courageous participant in the category sexy tattoos for girls. 

There is a certain look for which boys and girls go wild: full body tattoos, several piercings, colorful hair and geeky T-shirts. Just sign up for a dating app like secretbenefits.app and check out the most popular profiles to see for yourself. When a model holds up such a rock and becomes a huge name, one cannot help but fall into full admiration. As we approach the end, we realize that the sexiest tattoos on girls are best in their simplest form.